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Wooden Surface

Hardwood floor installation is an excellent way to renovate your building. It increases your home’s value and adds style to every room. Flooring Repair Solutions is the perfect company to install new hardwood flooring for your home. Our team is highly skilled, and they have years of experience in flooring installation.


Hardwood floors can be the highlight of any room. We can help you find the perfect type of wood and the right stain color to match your decor. We’ll make sure every panel is smooth and even, resulting in a gorgeous floor that will last for decades. 

Wooden Floor

One of the benefits of quality hardwood is that you can refinish it when it starts to look old. This meticulous process of sanding and staining will remove dents and nicks and refresh the color of your floor. Our team can handle any hardwood refinish project, whether you want to refinish just one room or an entire building. 


We also provide hardwood floor repair. If your floor has a major problem, like a broken plank or significant scarring, we can help. Our team will sand away imperfections, replace planks, and more.


Contact us for a free consultation in Oakland, CA or anywhere else in the Bay Area! We pride ourselves on our hard work and exceptional attention to detail.

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